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In the name of ALLAH SWT, the Beneficent, the Merciful,
Blessings and Peace on the 
Holy Prophet Muhammad sas. , his Family, and his Companions.  


Reader's discoveries of 
The Mathematical Miracle
Miracle 19


By Hicham Elaajjane
Sent: 1 August 2003

Assalamou alikoum I enjoyed your website.

 I have a remark about 19 and Universe the electrical charge of one electron is 1.602 10^-19 ( one point 6 0 2 ten power - 19 ) Formula that is known by everyone in the domain of electricity and electronics. So the number 19 is the base of all electronic and computer systems of nowadays. 

please find attached examples of sites in the web which talking about electrical charge of an electron :,,sid9_gci212046,00.html

I hope that these information can help you and all brothers to show some of the great AYATS of ALLAH soubhanahou wa ta3ala God bless you and all brothers Wassalammu'alaikum

Hicham Elaajjane

This room is for you who FOUND another interesting things about 
the Mathematical Miracle or Miracle 19.


Praise to ALLAH the Almighty Creator of the Universe
Blessings and Peace on the Muhammad s.a.w, his Family, and his Companions.