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Surat An-Naħl (The Bees)

 Surat An- Naħl comes as number 16 in the order of the Holy Qur'an. It consists of 128 Aya (Verses).

Notes about this Sura:

1. The number of Chromosomes in cell of the wasp (the he bee) is 16, which is the order of this Sura in the Holy Qur'an.


"All eggs and sperm carry 16 chromosomes each"
"During this meiotic process her 16 pairs of homologous chromosomes become altered by crossing over and reshuffled through random assortment, resulting in haploid eggs that are not chromosomally identical."
"All fertilized eggs become females in a colony; they are characterized by 16 pairs of chromosomes (32 total)."
"Unfertilized eggs are haploid in origin, which means that they contain only 16 chromosomes from their mother"


2. The word An- Naħl was mentioned only once in the whole Holy Qur'an, in Aya No. 68 of this Sura at hand. If the words in this Aya are counted, one will find them to be 13 words. Multiplying this number by the order in which this Aya was listed in this Sura (68) will give us 13X 68 = 884. The surprise will be attained if the words from the beginning of the Sura until the word An- Naħl are counted. It will be found that they also are 884!!!

3. Bearing observation No. 2 above in mind, when all the Aya's numbered 16 in the whole Holy Qur'an were counted, the total was 85. The total words of all these Aya's is the astonishing number 884 as above!!

4. The total Aya's in the Holy Qur'an numbered 68 until Aya no. 68 in Surat An- Naħl are 13, multiplying these numbers 13 X 68 = 884 again!!!!

5.  The Aya's numbered the multiples of 16 in this Sura, which consists of 128 Aya's are: 16, 32, 48, 80, 96, 112 & 128. The total words in all these Aya's are 119. Now this number 119 is the Jum'mal  of the word: An- Naħl. (the bees).

Let us add all the multiple of 16 verses numbers in this surah and devide it to the numbers of surah. What will you get?
16+32+48+80+96+112+128 = 512
512 / 16 =
32 is the chromosome of the FEMALE BEE.

The Numerical Value (jum'al) of Al-Nahl


ا ل ن ح ل 119
Alif Lam Nun Mim Lam
1 30 50 8 30


6.Bearing observation No. 5 above in mind, it is also astonishing to know that all the Aya's from the beginning of the Holy Qur'an that are the multiple of the number 16 until the Aya 128 of Surat An- Naħl are also 119.

7. Refer to observations No. 2 & 6 above and let's have a further look at the combinations of some other numbers:

Total of Aya's numbered the multiple of 16 are 85, multiplying these numbers yields: 16 X 85 = 1360.

The total words in these Aya's are 884. Adding this to the above number: 1360, gives: 884 + 1360 = 2244.

The total words in this Sura is 1844. This added to the order of the Sura gives 16+1844 = 1860. If this number is added to the above, the outcome is:

1860 + 2244 = 4,104. What does this number 4104 mean?

A.    4104 = 19 X 216, 216 = 63, i.e. the cube of 6, i.e. 6 X 6 X 6. The number six happens to also be the number of sides in a hexagonal shape, which is the shape of the bee cell!!!

B.    The number 4104 is the Jum’mal of Aya 68 (the only Aya in which the word An- Naħl is mentioned in the whole Holy Qur'an).

This surah is much involve number 8.
Number of sura = 16 = 8 x 2
Total verses = 128 = 8 x 8 x 2
And the Numerical Value of the word NAHL (without alif and Lam) is 88
Why 8?
It reminds us  the famous "WAGGLE" dance contains information about the whereabouts of nectar.

When a honey bee finds a new flower patch, it gives other bees the location by performing a specific figure-of-eight pattern called a 'waggle dance'. According to researchers, the brain chemical that controls this dance is similar to the one that controls pleasure in humans.

See the Waggle dance in YouTube





"He Who has made everything which He has created most good"
Holy Quran 32:7