Raka'ah Shalat and it's PRIME number

Raka'ah from Wikipedia

After turning to God in mind (niyyah) and ritual cleansing (wudu), the worshipper will stand quietly (qiyam) while reciting the first verses of the Qur'an. The second part of the rak'ah involves bowing low (ruku') with hands on knees, as if waiting for God's orders. The third movement (sujud) is to prostrate oneself on the ground, with forehead and nose on the floor and elbows raised, in a posture of submission to God. The fourth movement is to sit (julus) with the feet folded under the body. The prayers end as the worshippers turn to the left and right saying, "Peace be upon you, and God's blessing". This action reminds Muslims of the importance of others around them, both in the mosque and in the rest of the world.

It also refers to one unit of Islamic prayer, or salah. Each daily prayer is made up of a different number of raka'at:

  • Fajr The dawn prayer: 2 raka'at
  • Dhuhr The noon prayer: 4 raka'at
  • Asr The afternoon prayer: 4 raka'at
  • Maghrib The sunset prayer: 3 raka'at
  • Isha'a The night prayer: 4 raka'at

The Jumu'ah (Friday prayer) consists of 2 raka'at and is prayed in place of the Dhuhr prayer on Friday.

The combination number of Raka'ah per day is:


The word "ALLAHU AKBAR" is much related to Islamic 5 times prayers / day
because they will mention this word every time they change their position in a prayer.

I recommend you to visit this site if you want to know more about how Muslims pray.


ا لله ا كبر

The Numerical Value ordered from LEFT to RIGHT 

ا ل ل


ا ك ب ر 289
Alif Lam Lam ha Alif Kaf Ba Ra
1 30 30 5 1 20 2 200


Let us talk about PRIME numbers.

I was so shock when I found the PRIME number no

24434 is 280009

 prime 24434

 If you delete the zeroes, you will find 289

Again. This is the second strike proof how Islam is much related to PRIME numbers.
The first one you'll find it here.


Where, PRIME number no. 9253 is 96001.

92 is the Numerical Value of Prophet's name (MUHAMMAD / m.h.m.d)
53 is the Numerical Value of Prophet's name (AHMAD / a.h.m.d)
96 verse 1 is the first verse ever received by Prophet Muhammad from Allah the Almighty.

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Allah the Almighty controlled everything.


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"He Who has made everything which He has created most good"
Holy Quran 32:7